Monday, December 20, 2010

Natalie Portman got fake siblings !!!

The popular actress of the Hollywood movie Black Swan, Natalie Portman, declares that she has no brothers or sisters. All she has is a huge bunch of friends whom she thinks to be her “fake” brothers and sisters.

However, she also mentions that no spare time is devoted for them to stay close to her peers. She insists that, “Natalie has fake sibl
ings and she reckons her friends to be the ones. And possibly this is why having no sisters or brother, she has got so many pals”.

Natalie goes on saying that, “There are around fifty people who
m she is very close with in New York, as a consequence, there are quite a lot of contacts despite the fact that she does not see them daily, because it is so many of them”. Some informants lets us know that she will be moving to Los Angeles though New York is her home but she is enjoying at her second home a lot.

“Even Natalie did not know how much she liked Los Angeles until she moved there. But all people are very crucial in her life. She has made new friends over there and there are always interactions between the all. Kate and Laura spend most of the
time with her”, Natalie informs.

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