Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miley Cyrus shocking Christmas !!!

Miley Cyrus, actress,singer, had spent the Christmas with her family and enjoyed singing karaoke with them. She went to her family home which is situated in Nashville, Tennessee. Miley sang her new recent hit song ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ through her sister Noah’s, a ten year old girl, brand new karaoke machine.

She had a wonderful festive evening with her family. The programme was carried out in the manner of a family cultural function that was directed by Miley’s other sister Brandi, twenty-three years old. “Miley and Noah would now present you all a duet song ‘Can’t Be Tamed’! Brandi started.

Their merry moments were caught by their mother’s video camera which Brandi had declared to upload it. It is known from a source that Miley’s parents, Billy Ray Cyrus who is a singer and mother Tish, had filed for divorce in October this year.

Despite of this sad fact, the eighteen year old singer, Miley has wished all her fans over the world to be happy in the coming year. She adds that, “She will carry out her purpose for which she is here this coming year 2011 and her wish is to help other and make the people happy”.

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