Thursday, December 2, 2010

Selena Gomez loves Weird Gift !!!

It has been found out that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift exchanges weird gifts on days like birthdays or Christmas. When asked to Selena what she was deciding to buy for Taylor, she answered, “Their gift giving between them was simply madness!” they usually give antique things and they both love it so.

It includes things like ornaments in boxes and so on. According to Taylor, she mentions that, “Selena once had given her a painting done on a canvass. Further information was found out from Swift about their friendship. In order to compensate for the two weeks passed without any talking, they chatted over the phone last night for two hours.

Very strong bonds it seems! Whenever advice is needed, they discuss with each other and the two are very happy with the friendship tie. One of them says that “They had been very busy and there was a lot to tell each other.

They respect the value of their relation between them and hope they could stay as friends honest to each other. Selena and Taylor have a ‘sister’ relation. Both wishes that they were real sisters, they are so much close. They like one another very much!”

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