Friday, December 3, 2010

Steve Martin disappointed Everyone !!!

Hollywood act
or, Steve Martin, was invited as the guest speaker at a current New York City’s 92nd Street Y. To his failure, he made the majority of the guests upset with his new art book An Object of Beauty speech. One of the Y representatives gave Deborah Solomon, the New York Times columnist, a note stating that the audience expected Steve to talk on his film career.

This had quite a negative effect in the ticket sales; a total of $45000 was reimbursed to all the 900 attendees at that show. Y’s executive director Sol Adler later sent e mails to the ticket holders that stated, “They admit Steve did not meet his standards as he was meant to and you all anticipated at the 92nd St. Y. The evening was surely a
disappointing one and to compensate each of the attendees shall be receiving refundable $50 that could be used in the future 92Y event.”

Adler moreover mentioned the New York Times that, “Steve Martin is not like this rather he is an inspiring speaker and people admired him.” Steve himself was not satisfied with the outcome of that evening either. Steve Martin is just not funny to some people.

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