Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brooke Burke reveals her Sex Secret !!!

The host of the Dancing With the Stars, Brooke Burke, a mother of four; two from her ex-husband Garth Fisher and two from her prese
nt husband Dabid Charvet, loves to stay romantic all life. And this time, she has finally exposed her secret of how she keeps her romantic life so lively.

“The first and foremost thing is to be healthy, which includes taking exercise to stay relaxed and have more of energy. It is also the
best way to have the sex drive working”, she says it in a magazine called Shape published in this January. Brook adds on that, “Keeping our commitments for each other is also crucial, not just loving the kids. Being fit is the secret for a mother with kids.

However, to do so, the will must come up from the inside. Compared to a super model, a woman is more attractive who is fit and healthy. There is some kind of beauty and power within her. And that is the magic, the secret of a woman who feels so confident”. Brook also states that, “It is all about how you will present yourself. It gets harder to follow as a wom
an gets older day by day.

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