Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nick Lachey likes Simplicity !!!

Hit pop singer Nick Lachey is really happy with her fiancée and her family. Nick was divorced from hot actress Jessica Simpso
n, now, made a decision to tie the knot with her long time girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo.A source said that, Nick is really happy to be a member of such a nice family like that”.

On the other hand, sexy Vanessa Minnillo thinks that her dream is going to be true to get Nick as her Husband in her life. After the completion of their marriage, they really want to focus on the happiness of their daughters, rather than their career.

A source said that, “it is going to be a very simple, private and intimate wedding where, most probably close friends will get the invitaiotn.Nick says, “Every beauty lies in the simplicity, so I am really hopeful that marrying Vanessa Minnillo will bring back my lost happiness for sure”.

This marriage is not going to be like Nick first marriage where media published all the pictures and events whether they wanted them or not. Nick is totally ready to take the back seat, but if this bring back his lost happiness then he will be really lucky.

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