Friday, December 3, 2010

Kate Gosselin left her Child !!!

American television personality Kate Goesselin may be really successful about her carrer,but as a mother she may not be perfect for her kids. Kate Gosselin has a huge argument with her x husband Jon Gosseli
n, due to her negligence towards her kids.

‘Jon became very furious when he came to know that Kate has left her kids to a teenager babysitter’, Radar Online reports. One insider stated that, “John was also raged because Kate allowed looking after a baby sitter who is not even known to him”.

The situation became more deteriorated when, during her trip, kids were prevented to meet with their father and the babysitter was warned to even try to talk to Jon.However,
Kate did not give any care concerning this matter. On the Today Show, “Kate’s got a nerve having another go at Jon”. A trusted source says that, “Kate is now a lonely woman”.

She is too tired after the long day work that, everyday she failed to give her kids a good time “At this time, Steve Neild Could be the closet person of Kate, but, unfortunately, he is married as well and have two cute little kids of his own.

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