Monday, December 6, 2010

Rihanna can tolerate Past !!!

In the previous year, after being offended by her boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna only then realized she was in a obnoxious relationship. They two hardly got together again after the incident.

Rihanna just could not think how come she did not end the relation before. “She faced a situation where Rihanna never wanted to be in life and also encouraged other girl friends to keep away from. But unfortunately, there she was in the same position. She has seen her mother being attacked and promised not let it happen to her.

It makes her shiver when she thinks of these”, she said. In spite of the attack, Rihanna is not comfortable at how her personal problem have gone public and wants none to show sympathy on her. “When younger, it looked like she had no problems in life. But suddenly, the whole world gets to know Rihanna’s got troubles.

She clearly wants no one to feel pity for her. She is strong enough to tolerate her past. And that is the best thing in her; she is defensive. Even if she is in a worse circumstance, she would try so hard not to care about it that she gets surprised herself even”, Rihanna declares.

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