Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amy Adams really needs to be in shape

Sexy actress Amy Adams is, currently, a regular goer of the gym. She is now very busy with herself to get back in the perfect shape. She hits the gym as soon after giving birth. Amy was told by the movie director told her to put some weight on for the new Movie Called ‘The Fighter’.

However, before finish up the movie she becam
e pregnant. “I worked out after the birth of my baby” that’s for sure, says Amy. “ I really want to be in shape because I don’t need to be like this way, cause ‘The Fighter’ movie director told me to gain some weight for that move, now it’s over and I really think that I need to get back on my original figure which my fans really like to watch “says Adams.

This super sexy actress confessed that, it is really tough for her to be a good mother, due to her career as an actress. “That may be true that my sweet daughter will not get me 24/7 in front of her, but I will try my best to be a god mother for her”. “ I really miss my daughter when I am on the set and her face appears in front of me every sec,this is an amazing happiness to be a mother”, says Amy.

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