Thursday, December 2, 2010

James Franco wants more in life

The pupil actor James Franco is having a hard time now. James, who is studying at several US universities simultaneously, has told that he wishes to achieve more in life. It was known that he got his own art exhibition, has a production company and also is an author.

Some of his short stories were said to be published last month. He also says that, “James has got a lot to do because there are many things in which he interested in.” Although he has got many things to do, James insists that his hobbies are very few. The fact that he is a successful actor in his life, his classmates never treat him differently.

He says, “They are very helpful, friendly, welcoming.” “They were all great towards him”, he says. He never felt that he was differentiated by his fellow students at universities or schools. But now, James Franco is trying to find some time to settle and relax for some while.

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