Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mark Ruffalo, on the terror watch list !!!

Mark Ruffalo was never involved in a terrorist activity.Moreover, supporting his opinion, Shutter Island also expressed that his name
was not on the terrorist watch list as well.

Ruffalo totally declined to have any kind of involvement of terrorism activity. While talking to the Wall Street Journal, he tol
d that, the reports he had submitted were totally exaggerated by the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security for organizing screenings of the documentary Gasland.Moreover, he declined the allegation of being stopped at the airport.

He told to the journal, “everything has been misinterpreted and I was never st
opped in airport”. Last September, I was hosting educational screenings of Gasland, which is a genuine truth”-he said. “Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security was monitoring these screenings and submitted info to the gas industry.

Due to this the head of Homeland Security had resigned because of creating a big embarrassing situation. A rumour has been created when his name came into the list of terror watch list, told by him in an interview of GQ, earlier this month.

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