Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lily Allen miscarriage scandal changed her Life !!!!

A happy day is coming up for Lilly Allen in the following year. She is deciding to get her knot tied up with Sam Cooper. The decision was finalized after the miscarriage on the sixth month of her pregnancy.

However, the accident seemed to have strengthened
their relation which too triggered them to get married next year as quickly as possible. The two are now dreaming of becoming a man and a wife. The incident made them realize that they could not stay away from each other. The couples, who began dating from last year in summer, have chosen Glouscestershire as their venue for wedding in United Kingdom at Lily’s father, Keith’s house.

It could either be at their town of Minchinhampton too! It is said that her father shall lead the wedding for them. One of the pals informed that, “It was the couples
wish to hold their marriage Keith’s country pad. They are regarding upon their marriage as a light of hope after all that happened in the past.

However, Lily, the twenty-five year old pop singer, has not yet thought getting engaged yet, but sources closer to her, reports that, “They would probably get engaged very soon.”

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