Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emily Blunt give up her career for family !!!

Emily Blunt wants no children now. The British actress, married to John Kransinski this July, has made out their family plan. She would give up her job as an actress to get a family.

She says that, “She loved to have children and she wanted them all the time, but then she was not prepared to have yet. Her
mother had given up her career but she claims that to be a different matter”. Blunt also adds that, “She reckons to be luckier than her mother in respect of job. She has been able to lead a career for a longer period than her mother.

The delay has made Blunt stronger she believes”. According to a source, “blunt wishes to gain more experience by seeing her parents Joanna and Oliver particularly, though she has not intention to have children”. The twenty-seven year old actress recalls some of her memories from her childhood.

“She gets no opportunity to see her mother and watch a play together. Blunt neither sees her father a long time due to her work. She enjoyed all those times and hoped it came back. She remembers they would go for a drink after her father would come from court”, she says. Blunt misses everyone.

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