Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fergie and Duhamel wishes a complete family !!!

Fergie, actress of the Black Eyed Peas, have indicated that she is prepared to be a mother. This foxy singer is now thinking of trying for a baby with her husband, Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel, and reduces her work.

“She is trying to lessen the lo
ads on her. However, this will start the following year of 2011”, Fergie says. She continues that, “For the last eight years, she had enough of her work and now wishes to stop for a while and give time for herself.” Fergie is thirty-five and her husband thirty-eight; the couple would just make perfect parents and it is the best time they have a complete family.

“Josh shall be a great father. He loves kids and knows how to do fun things with them. As he was ne
ar kids all his life, he is much skilled with it than me.

He has all the knowledge a person needs to raise a baby. Fergie considers herself to be a lucky woman”, she says. Josh also remarked that, “They have been thinking to have a family earlier. So all they have to decide who shall be looking after the kids”.

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