Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kate Bosworth loves becoming controversial !!!

Kate Bosworth really can’t wait to be controversial, by taking part in a role of a film called ‘Straw Dogs’. Once this 1971 movie was banned totally, because there was r graphic rape scene, which hit the headlines of ever news papers.

Kate is really happy to take a role of this film even though she
knows that this movie will make her controversial for sure. “My character in this movie is so exciting, which inspired me to take part a role in this movie though it will make a big controversy of me”.

Many things can make a film controversial, but it does not mean that we reject every film depending on the script demand,” says sexy actress Kate Bosworth.

Recently, hot Bosworth admitted that she was left battered and bruised after filming her new movie called , ‘ Warrior’s Way’. Getting prepare for the shot in this film was very much tough, brutal, but it was lot of fun”, says Kate Bosworth.

She says, “This film was
filled up with lots of martial arts scene,it would be very much better if I had enough time to prepare myself for this type of move, but we tried our best to provide the best shot”.

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