Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dwayne got inspiration from childhood fighting!!

Dwayne Johnson was a boisterous boy when he was a kid. On the Pacific islands of Hawaii, he used to fight with other kids but not seriously and emphasized that his “decisions” never ever led to arguments. He admitted that, “He was a very violent and hostile child and got into violence all the time.

“In my childhood fighting became a passion to me”-said Dwayne. That was his nature in his childhood. He brought up in Hawaii where there was lots of fighting all the time. But later, the parties would say sorry to one another and offer each other drinks or barbeques.” Johnson also admits that he came from a good and friendly background. His parents were loving and caring. He had a happy and caring family.

But it was tha
t only his nature to choose poor and wrong decisions in life. On the other hand, it is seen that his background did not enlighten his career as an actor. He basically wished to work on the styles of movies. He expressed that, “Johnson was tired of doing the same genre of movies over and over again. He wanted a break from it. Currently, he is thinking of to take parts in genres like funny movies.

There is no problem at all to participate in a bit drama either.
Taking a break would be like resettling himself for later work. He would have some fresh breath to take before go on working in action movies once more”.

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