Friday, December 10, 2010

Tilda and Byrne Dating Rumour !!!

Tilda Swinton, the actress who has been with John Byrne a playwright, is said to have rumors of dating a artist for the las
t two years. Her defense is that, “It is rather usual for people to go this way. However, it hurts her to think of keeping extra marital affairs when they already have children and a family.

She respects the rules of love of her family, friends and her own”. However, she has been contradictory to herself; although she respects the love of her near and dear ones, and is hurt by extra marital affairs, she still keeps relation wit
h other man and she had been doing so the past half a decade.

In her opinion, “It is mundane to live with same person and it is important to get rejuvenated. Tilda hates open marriage; she is not married to John and yet they have children. She says that, “Tilda thinks that there are other people like them who are living in the same way as them which is a state of true love and support.

People are so much used to the notion of having children with someone that it is a little scary when people who are the family come along”.

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